“I love and live what I‘m doing!”

In the short period of four years, Eva Krsak has created her own small fashion Empire and established her label as a brand in the market. She is owner, managers, and the creative mind of Just EVE.


The Munich-based designer had to work the desire in the fashion industry, at a young age. In addition to the ABI, collects her first experience as a saleswoman in a fashion business and is headhunted by Armani already after a short time.

With the graduation, the dream was the Just EVE founder according to an own label. Main reason for this was the fact that Eva found no suitable dress for this event. “Something extraordinary, that had the correct Glamoour, was not easy and so I designed my first dress.” After her own, stylish dress found supporters and admirers, a desire intensified when the then 19-year-old after the own fashion company. However, she followed the advice of their parents “first something reasonable to make” and studied public relations and journalism in Salzburg.


End of 2010, after completing the final University examination, she took the thing then active in the hand and traveled to some of the global fashion weeks, to find a producer.

After a painstaking search, the right business partners with were in the boat, she implemented at that time their designs in the first collection 26 years in 2011.

The breakthrough of the designer as Sylvie MEIs and MOTSI Mabuse wore their clothes in the RTL show “Das Supertalent”. “Then phoned many traders with me and would take up the collection in its range,” Eva explains pinched. The coronation was followed by next top model on the Maldives posed in the clothes of Just EVE but in this year’s spring, as the semi finalists of Germany’s.

Also the special feminine designs are what makes the dresses of the coveted label, in addition to the comfortable materials. “I want to underline not only the beauty of my customers by the female cut dresses, but I would make the ladies also somewhat simpler life. Therefore I use Jersey fabrics mainly, because these are non-iron knitter – and therefore. The clothes are suitable due to the well as case goods.”

The brand Just EVE is known for her female cut clothes. But figure-emphasizing to tailor not irritating; the designer puts great value. In their collections Eva picks up somewhat, what some designers have long forgotten and the mix of everything (materials, colours and the cuts) is the secret of the success of its glamorous Collections.